Jack Hubbard

Full-Stack Software Developer
graphic designer

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Frontend development

web design and development | native windows, macos, and linux applications

Backend development

client backends | cloud backends in AWS and cloudflare | the glue to hold it all together...

Graphic / Video design

video editing | promotional materials | photo editing | photography | audio editing


two years running ebay store, frankeneverything | multiple projects with paid licenses, including credocalculator | stocks and cryptocurrency | accounting 

Industry Tools

amazon web services | cloudflare | docker | virtualbox | google analytics | git | ssh | jetbrains suite of IDEs | qemu | google firebase | vnc | IoT automation via IFTTT and zapier | gimp | linode | bootstrap | google search console | vmware | xcode


working on eight years with FIRST robotics | PLTW third through seventh grade | tinkercad

Cloud Infrastructure

Heavy experience in Amazon Web Services, including Lambda, API endpoints, S3, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, Step Functions, SES, SNS, and managing costs and security with CloudTrail, IAM, Certificate Manager,  and AWS Cost Explorer 

Programming Languages

Here are some languages that, unless otherwise noted, I use very frequently.


** Currently learning C++ and solidifying Java skills

Website Deployment and Management 

Everything from the designing, building, and hosting, to the registrar, deploying, and monitoring. Experience in securely self-hosting resources and web apps behind Cloudflare, and other static webpage hosting providers such as AWS, Cloudflare Pages, and more!

More Projects...

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Check out my open-source projects and code snippets right on GitHub!


Codecademy Certificates of Completion in Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS; working towards AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. See Codecademy Profile here 

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